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The Netherlands urged to refrain from deporting Somalis

Amesterdum(Garsoornews)-urged on 21 February the Dutch authorities to refrain from deporting Somalis to any part of south-central Somalia, including Mogadishu.
The NGO released a call in relation to the announcement of the authorities in the country in mid-February to deport two rejected Somali asylum seekers, originally from Mogadishu, back to Somalia on 20 and 23 February.
Meanwhile, a court decision from 19 February ordered suspension the first deportation pending an appeal.
According to HRW, the returns would end a 22-month ban of returns to the city which has been engulfed by deplorable levels of violence.
The human rights watchdog considers that the Dutch government should not decide to resume deportations to south-central Somalia at least until security improves substantially and the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) issues new guidelines.
The UN agency’s guidelines advise countries against returns to south-central Somalia because people returned there “face a real risk of serious harm.” A new document is currently being prepared.

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