Wajir Palace Hotel to receive global award in Spain

by Farah C/laahi | Saturday, Jan 14, 2017 | 83 views

WAJIR (Garsoor Online) — A hotel in Wajir town has been recognised by an international club of traders for quality services and will be honoured in a ceremony in Spain.

The Global Trade Leaders’ Club based in Madrid will award the Wajir Palace Hotel (pictured) with the International Hotel and Restaurant Quality Award at a ceremony in Madrid at the end of January.

The hotel, formerly known as Wajir Hilton Palace, will be recognised for outstanding establishment and excellent food.

CEO Abdifatah Athar thanked clients for their feedback that has helped the hotel improve its services.
“I am ready to represent Wajir Palace Hotel at the award ceremony,” he told the media on Thursday.

Spanish authorities and business community will be invited to the ceremony at Castila Hotel.

Global Trade Leaders’ Club secretary general Ricardo Rosso Lopez said the ceremony in Spain will give participants an opportunity to interact and share experiences.

“A work meeting will also be organised to present the awarded firms publicly and promote mutual knowledge. It will also establish commercial and professional relationships between businessmen,” he said.

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