Somalia: 1,200 people need life-saving assistance

by Farah C/laahi | Tuesday, Apr 4, 2017 | 90 views

MOGADISHU – It was noon and the sun heats up as the clock ticked past 11am, up to 1,200 people fled from droughts in south of Somalia, have collapsed under dry shrub trees in IDP camps  in Mogadishu.

Dudei Wahal Mohamed, a 70 years old deprived woman, who living a tidy small shed in the capital, has been facing acute malnutrition.

Mohamed is among at least 1,200 people, who fled droughts and camped in Daynile neighborhood of Mogadishu.

The displaced people living shacks in the capital do not have adequate food, clean water, pit latrines or dry vault toilets.

Mohamed says she needs to receive sufficient clean water as it has an impact on so many vital sectors of society, including nutrition, health, education and sanitation.

However, she said: “we suffer a lot from the stink, and the flies and mosquitoes which are attracted to the scattered faces and dirt”.

Reporting by Ali Ahmed Abdulle

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