African Union troops hit by Al Shabaab attack

by Farah C/laahi | Thursday, Mar 9, 2017 | 72 views

BARDERE (Garsoor Online) — Heavily armed men, wearing military uniforms launched an attack on airport in Bardere town, where housed by Ethiopian troops under African Union troops in Somalia.

Huge bursts of gun shots heard for an hour after armed militants ambushed African Union troops’ base, causing untold number of casualties.

“It was midnight when I heard huge sound of explosions. I asked myself if car bombs hit the airbase manned by Ethiopian troops”, Mohamed Hussein, a witness said.

In an interview with colonel Hassan Hussein said the militants’ raid was repulse, adding that none of the African Union troops killed or wounded in the attack

The armed group of Al Shabaab claimed the responsibility for the assault through its website, saying its fighters killed dozens of Ethiopian troops in the raid.

The group also vowed to rump up its attacks against Somalia army and African Union troops’ army bases in parts of the country.



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